Comprehensive Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Jacksonville, FL

Your business’s lawn is an important part of its overall image. Ensure it looks as professional as you do with services from Pro Landscape, the preferred local source for commercial landscape maintenance. In Jacksonville, FL, our team has helped countless local organizations take great care of their greenery. From trees and shrubs to turf grass health, we look after every part of your lawn for your peace of mind.

If you’re not sure what you need in terms of landscaping services, don’t worry: Pro Landscape can help you find out. We offer free, personalized estimates based on a little key information about your business. Reach out today to discuss the details, and be sure to have your lawn’s size, current condition, and current maintenance schedule on hand. This data will help us get a feel for your property’s care needs.

Creating Your Custom Care Plan

Every lawn is different, so every lawn deserves a care plan tailored to its needs. At Pro Landscape, we’re well aware of the differences that can arise in even the most similar lawns. That’s why we never implement one-size-fits-all plans. Unlike other landscaping companies, we take time to get to know your lawn before we even begin creating your plan. This helps us ensure we’ve covered all our bases.

Once we have an idea of your lawn’s care needs, we recommend care options to add onto your maintenance plan. For example, mowing, watering, and weeding are all standard services. However, depending on the condition of your landscaping, we may recommend occasional reseeding, mulching, and pest services. Ultimately, however, the details of your plan are up to you.

If you have certain goals in mind for your landscaping features, be sure to let our team know. We want you to love your landscaping–that’s why we want to be aware of any special instructions or requests on your end. From detailed patio landscaping to shaped shrub trimming, we can accommodate many special requests.

Scheduled Maintenance Options

Pro Landscape knows how important it is to utilize every hour of your business day. That’s why we prioritize minimizing our presence at your property. Landscape maintenance is often a noisy process that can distract employees and bother clients. But don’t worry–weekend services are available, as well as after-hours services on weekdays. We’ll work with you to keep disruptions down as much as possible.

Contact us today to create your commercial landscape maintenance plan. We serve businesses throughout Jacksonville, Florida.