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Taking care of your lawn and yard has never been easier or more affordable than with services from Pro Landscape. For more than 25 years, our gardeners, landscape architects, and lawn health specialists have helped homeowners throughout the area keep their properties looking beautiful. As your go-to local landscapers in Jacksonville, FL, we pride ourselves on delivering results you can be proud of. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and to learn what we can do for your lawn.

Maintenance Plans Tailored to You

Your lawn is unlike any other, so why settle for a one-size-fits-all maintenance plan? At Pro Landscape, we believe that every lawn is unique. It’s one of the reasons we sit down with every homeowner and business owner we serve, taking time to get to know their properties’ unique care needs. There are several factors that influence the decisions our landscape contractors will make for your plan, including:

Season: Throughout the year, your lawn will require different kinds of care. For example, here in Florida, grass grows most quickly in the summertime. Mowing is recommended at least once a week, and watering may be less of a concern as a result of summer storms. Conversely, in winter, you’ll need mowing less, though you may need more frequent watering and even reseeding.

Grass Type: Not all lawns have the same type of grass. In fact, there are countless kinds of grass, and many of them require particular care. Once our team determines the type of grass on your lawn, we’ll let you know what we recommend. Florida lawns generally have St. Augustine grass. Other common turf grasses include Bermuda, Buffalo, and Zoysia.

Pest Problems: From ants and spiders to termites and even scorpions, Florida is a hotbed of insect activity. Not all lawns have pest problems, but if and when you notice critters invading your property, our lawn and landscape experts will spring into action. We know what it takes to control and/or eliminate common pest insects without damaging your lawn’s health.

Contact your friendly local landscapers today to learn what we can do for your lawn. We serve families and businesses in Jacksonville, Florida, as well as nearby areas.